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Ten Laws of Pricing for Consultants

Starting a freelance or consulting business? Here are 10 invaluable laws on pricing to guide you.


Photographing Dinosaurs

Q: How do you light a Tyrannosaurus Rex? A: Anyway he wants you to I have been impressed with the way the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) has taken to social media with their blog and twitter access and reached out to photographers. Some time ago, Erin at HMNS and I had a phone […]


Nature Is My Home

Another in the first series on James Crossman dot com, this post discusses my relationship with nature and begins a discussion on how this section can meet your needs, or at least share new worlds with you.


Photography and I

Second in the series of five starting posts to the sections of this site to introduce myself and to start the discussion of how I may help you with this site.